My passion for skin care came after I suffered a second degree sunburn on my face while on vacation. The pain, peeling, discoloration and horrified looks from people led me feel that no one should ever go through what I went through. My hair stylist at the time introduced me to an esthetician. She recommended treatments and products that targeted my concerns and eventually corrected my skin. Because of my results, my new passion and career began. I enrolled in the Esthetics program at Pivot Point International in 2000 and 24 years later, my passion for helping people with their skin care concerns has only become stronger.

I have worked in day spas through the years while continuing to stay on top of new trends and techniques. My goal is to share with you my education and experience to address your concerns, achieve healthy skin (not “healthy looking” skin), and feel better about the most important person in your life; YOU.

My husband Paul and I are avid football and baseball fans. We love to cook and entertain in our home almost every football Sunday. Both of us are very involved in helping veterans by volunteering and fundraising. During the summer, you can spot us out on our motorcycle. And yes…we ALWAYS wear sunscreen.